Our Concept

It Creates Value

In an emotional world, where love is governed and shown by the actions you take based on the best possible information you have, you place your trust in those with the means to deliver the best care for those you love. The education through transparency becomes the key, especially for those in your care whom you love, but can′t complain. Our open door grooming policy, promotes openness and education. People can and should see how their pets are treated with their own eyes or by other pet parents who may be present when they aren′t. Our entire store concept is open to any and all pet parents at any given time. We don′t just say we care, WE ARE ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO WITNESS!

It's Ethical

While we employ the philosophy of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, we share what we do with our students and have them hold us responsible for the outcome. We tell our students what we′ll do for them, do it for them and then demonstrate what we did with a trail of what was done, while documenting the whole thing. We owe it to our students and our staff.

It's Noble

It′s not just about the bottom line. In fact, our concept is more about creating love and awareness than anything else. Our programs, ″Operation Make Them Adorable and Adoptable″ & “Make Them Adorable and Beautiful”, target the county rescue shelters and the local rescue centers, to get those pets that are in severe need of grooming, to be beautiful again, therefore, they become adoptable. Also it includes any and all adopted or rescued dogs or cats (with proper paperwork) within 30 days of adoption to get their first basic bath on us for free (Dogs under 20lbs, dogs over 20lbs 50% off) or up to 40% off grooming that includes a bath as well. All of our rescued pets are featured on our Facebook page to give REWARDS & recognition to those who adopted or bring attention to those pets that still need to be adopted.

It's Humane

From our build out to our Bathing & Grooming procedures and the product we carry and use, and from the newest part-time employee, instructor to our CEO, our focus and attention has always been and forever will be the welfare of all pets in our care. We do for them what you would, if you could! We won′t rush them to be on time, we won′t force them to behave, we won′t de-matt them for too long, we won′t keep them in the cage too long, and instead we employ a more positive approach like playing with them while exchanging hugs and kisses, and allowing them to roam free in our cage free area when available and let them enjoy their home away from home!

It's Heroic

Our goal is to raise the standards of an industry as a whole. We will improve the pet parent′s grooming experience by offering the best and a true open pet grooming environment for their pets. Of course hand washed with JPP, the best premium shampoo. We will improve the pet′s grooming experience in and out of our PetSalon by offering the highest pet grooming standards in our PetSalons and volunteering great tips to their parents for the times away from our PetSalon. We will also improve the groomer′s and the bather′s experience by offering a study program that gets them open to endless possibilities in the world of pet care in a  classier environment that is hygienic, friendly, and supportive.

It's One of a Kind

The most trusted name in the shampoo business, with the highest reputation in the industry, in an unforgettable setting that promotes love, happiness, togetherness, class and fun, unlike anything ever before. John Paul PetSalon / School is about setting a higher standard in pet care and pet awareness, in a beautiful learning environment that will forever change the way you care for your pet.